7 Things to do in a Ski Resort when There's No Snow ...


7 Things to do in a Ski Resort when There's No Snow ...
7 Things to do in a Ski Resort when There's No Snow ...

It’s good that there are things to do in a ski resort when there’s no snow. You’ve waited for ages and you’ve been looking forward to your winter vacation, but even though you’ve kept an eye on the forecasts, the lack of powder when you arrive at your mountain resort is a huge disappointment. You can’t cancel or simply not go. It might snow when you get there, but in the mean time, enjoy yourself thoroughly with the things to do in a ski resort when there’s no snow.

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Ride the Lifts

Ride the Lifts Riding the lifts is one of the fun things to do in a ski resort when there's no snow, or not enough to hit the slopes. You get a chance to see the mountain and trails without the rush and pressure to jump off and hit the slopes. And, it's a plus not having to wait in a long queue for the lifts. Enjoy the stunning scenery and take some great photos.


Enjoy the Spa

Enjoy the Spa Many resorts have on-site spas. When the snow is weak, it’s the perfect time to indulge in a massage or facial without feeling guilty. Get those muscles supple and relieve dry skin during this down time. You’ll be rejuvenated when it’s time to slalom again.


Savor the Cuisine

Savor the Cuisine When the skiing is hot, meal times are hit and run at best. No one goes to a resort for the food, right? The thing is, most resorts feature excellent dining! When there’s no snow to distract you, take that time to enjoy a meal or two at the restaurants on site. That way, you won’t feel bad about having (yet another) burger and fries when the action picks up again.


Explore the Grounds

Explore the Grounds It can be hard to convince your friends and family to get out and explore the whole resort. Most people just want to know where the lifts and slopes are and to be left to have at it. When the snow is sparse, use that chance to get everyone to take a walk around with you. Exploring top to bottom is one of the simple but pleasurable things to do in a ski resort when there’s no snow. You may discover services or amenities that you didn’t know were offered, or find some great picture taking spots off the beaten path.


Check out the Ski Town

Check out the Ski Town All of the people who work at the resort have to live somewhere, right? One of the things most people don’t consider doing at a ski resort actually happens off the grounds! If you can’t go skiing, use that time to take a short trip to the surrounding town. See how the other half lives and escape the resort bubble for a while. Most ski towns have interesting histories of their own and other attractions beyond the resort. Taking pictures in and around the area outside of the resort will also set your vacation memories apart from everyone else's. If the town is small, think about taking a trip to the next largest town or city for some urban sightseeing.


Try out New Gear

Try out New Gear If you’re an experienced skier, you probably already have your own gear, and won’t take the time to look for anything more. If you’re new, you will most likely pick up what you need from the shop at the resort. You’ll be eager to hit the slopes and will probably just get the bare minimum or the first thing the salesperson recommends. Either way, you could probably benefit from taking some unhurried time to see and try on the newest equipment and accessories. When the powder is perfect, it can be hard to break away for shopping, but a smart thing to do when conditions are bad. When the skiing is back on, you’ll be ready to go!



Play Skiing and snowboarding seem to have eclipsed other ski resort activities like sledding, tubing or even snow-shoeing. When flying downhill is out of the question, it’s a great time to revisit the simple, yet immensely satisfying, activities of youth! Roll together a snowman, build a fort or just wing it with a snow angel. There will always be enough snow for these fun pastimes. Resorts that don’t have a dedicated tubing or sledding area will usually allow visitors to use their own equipment in an out of the way area. Be sure to ask about your specific resort’s policy and for some suggestions for safe, yet fun play areas.

Ave you ever found yourself looking for things to do in a ski resort when there’s no snow? What did you find to do? Anything not on this list?

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Hiking is also a really fun thing to do when there is no snow!

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