10 Things Not to Wear when Traveling ...


What not to wear when traveling is a decision on a par with worrying about whether to wear trousers or a skirt when you meet your in laws for the first time! Packing is bad enough without having to worry about making an embarrassing fashion blunder in a foreign country. Whilst making your luggage decisions and thinking about what not to wear when traveling, you should be asking such questions as โ€˜Is it stylish as well as functional?โ€™, Will I be able to wear this wherever I want to go?โ€™ and without sounding like your mother โ€˜Will it crease?โ€™ To help in your dilemma Iโ€™ve put together a few tips of what to leave out of the suitcase if you want to return home with your dignity intact. Here are 10 Things Not to Wear When Traveling:

1. Fanny Pack

Even though designed for wear when traveling, the fanny pack has got to be one of the biggest fashion blunders to ever have been made on planet earth; donโ€™t get sucked into the practicalities of this horrible item, if you really need to have both hands free at all times, try a small cross body bag, money belt or small backpack.

Sandals with Socks
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