8 Step Guide to Traveling by Air with Pets ...


Air travel with pets used to be restricted to within home borders but since the introduction of pet passports, our faithful companions can now travel with us. This is terrific in principal but the process for air travel with pets is actually pretty tedious, especially for traveling to Europe. The EU differentiates between pets moving between member nations and other countries of origin, such as the USA. They also classify pet travel as being either commercial or non-commercial but luckily American travelers fall with the EU regulations for non-commercial pet travel. Here’s the 7 Step Guide to Traveling By Air With Pets:

1. Type of Animal

Generally, most of the air travel with pets regulations apply to dogs, cats and ferrets. If you want to take a different pet species with you, contact your nearest US embassy or the embassy for your destination to establish the protocol to be followed. If your pet is classed as ‘exotic’ your case will be dealt with on an individual basis.

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