Spiritual Experiences Every Girl Should Have in Bali ...


Spiritual Experiences Every Girl Should Have in Bali ...
Spiritual Experiences Every Girl Should Have in Bali ...

Bali, Indonesia is not only the island of Gods and temptation but also the home of thousands of traditions stemming from Hinduism, Shamanism, and distinctive creative practices; that means there are loads of spiritual experiences to have in Bali.

On the island, one can take a dive into many intriguing spiritual activities or discover weird rituals. If watching the moon while praying is your thing, or alternatively, discovering the life-altering power of shamans and psychic readers, then keep reading.

Here is a small guide to finding out some spiritual experiences to have in Bali that will bring about new perspectives to your life. On a spiritual awakening journey, one should try at least three of these.

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Consult a Tarot Reader from Another World

Psychic readers in Bali look like Martians. When consulting a tarot reader, be sure to stay in a silent, secluded area where nobody can disturb you. Allow the reader to enter your soul by flattening your breath and open your eyes. Think about any guidance you’d like to receive. Psychic readers know exactly what happened to your (past) life, while watching your hands and will tell your good fortune. They know about your inner self and can read inside you in a way nobody does. Carefully listen and remember...This is one of the best spiritual experiences to have in Bali.


Tarot readings in Bali offer a truly unique experience as the island is steeped in mystery and spiritual traditions. The readers often have a profound connection to the metaphysical world, drawing from the island’s energy. While sharing your energy with them, you may feel a deep sense of calm and understanding. Their insights can provide clarity on your life’s journey or even hint at future possibilities. Be open to the experience without skepticism, as this can affect the purity of the session. Your Bali tarot encounter could offer enlightening perspectives on both your external path and inner evolution.


Clean Your Aura with a Healer

Your aura is a reflection of your inner beauty. Sometimes, it may become dirty or dark and therefore, you need to clean your energies so your aura can shine again. Some healers can help you unblock unwanted old energies by rebalancing your chakras and cleaning up your aura. By mesmerizing some magic formulas, touching your head, and cleaning up your whole body, they will remove any negative energies that may have hampered you. It’s not harmful to try aura cleaning and chakra rebalancing with a healer- all you have to do is to let go and listen.


Purify Your Body and Soul with White Magic

To be able to purify your body you need to be a bit experienced in regards to meditative practices and alternative medicines. This requires having a free mind, deprived of any prerequisites about the experience that will come. The witch (or healer) will enter into a trans-like state and will whisper some weird words that seem to belong to another time or world. She will touch your body firmly and painfully to release any old blood and toxins that may block parts of your body. You will cry, you will suffer, and you will sweat, but as you remove any old patterns inside your body, you will start to feel extremely comfortable after the purification.


Try Various Forms of Meditation: Usada, Gong, and Chakra Healing

Meditation and mindfulness have received a lot of hype recently, but it’s for a reason. It’s truly life-changing! If you are in a state of confusion or wish to deepen your self-knowledge, keep reading...

Various meditation techniques in Bali have the purpose of helping you reconnect with yourself and healing deeply. On the healing journey, you will climb mounts and see marvels. Usada—a practice that focuses on inner love to widespread across the universe—connects you to deeper areas of self-consciousness. As for gong meditation, the sound energies touch your body gently and enter your soul. With different effects, the gong takes you far on a circle of lights that will brighten your true self. Finally, the Chakra healing meditation can help you rebalance yourself by focusing on each energy point of the body that needs to be reworked.


Learn More about Shamanic Breath Works

Shamanic breath-work is the latest endeavor for girls after deep healing and soul cleansing. The breath work is like a ceremony, with one guru guiding you toward the journey. During this deep meditative, trans-like experience, one can fall into a state of altered consciousness, floating outside of the body. The experience is similar to rebirthing. Thanks to long inhales and exhale throughout the mouth exclusively, the mind can suddenly leave the body and one can just contemplate the past, present, and future all at once. It’s like holding a mirror on yourself and watching yourself dead but soon to be alive again. The return to earth is often similar to seeing paradise and there’s no way to modify the feeling.


Watch the Moon and Make Prayers

Moon watching is a deep meditative practice that’s been around for millenniums. If you are attentive to the new or full moons, it’s time to make prayers to manifest radical changes in your life. New job, new love, and new adventures; watch the sky and make a wish. The moon is associated with the sacred feminine energy, the one that brings new emotions and people into one’s life. In Bali, most yoga studios can advise on when the new and full moons occur so all you have to do is to book time off to contemplate the lovely moon at night when the days allow you to do so. And if after having made your prayers to the moon you wish to continue the adventure toward the sky, you can keep watching the stars.

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