7 Different Types of Travel Romance You May Experience for Girls Looking for Love on Vacation ...


7 Different Types of Travel Romance You May Experience for Girls Looking for Love on Vacation ...
7 Different Types of Travel Romance You May Experience for Girls Looking for Love on Vacation ...

Many people enjoy holiday romances, but few realize that there are so many different types of travel romance. From hooking up with another traveler to falling in love with a local, romance on your travels might occur in the least likely places at the most unexpected times. Here’s a look at the different types of travel romance.

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The Cultural Immersion

performance art, musical theatre, So you’re far from home, probably somewhere really exotic, and you want to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible. And how much more immersed can you get than by dating a local? Just make sure that you’re aware of cultural difference with this type of travel romance, and alarm bells should go off if they suddenly seem very keen to come home with you. They may just be after a visa, leaving you heartbroken.


Caught in the Moment

people, So you’ve had a few too many cocktails, so has the hot Spanish guy you’re dancing with, and one thing leads to another before you’ve even thought about it. This happens all the time when people are on holiday. Keep safe and don’t do anything that could result in a broken heart, and you’ll have a whale of a time.


Playing Away from Home

black, black and white, monochrome, monochrome photography, conversation, This is one of the rather morally questionable types of travel romance, but it happens all the time. People leave their other half behind on the other side of the world when they go traveling, and it is all too easy to give in to temptation when you’ve not had so much as a cuddle in months and they are out of sight, out of mind. If you’re traveling alone, it’s better to break off any relationships before you go. You’ll want to travel light, so ditch the baggage.


The Traveling Couple

black and white, monochrome photography, surfing equipment and supplies, photo shoot, surfboard, Rather than ending a relationship before going traveling, some people choose to take their partner with them instead, and have a holiday romance with the one they love and want to be with. Traveling like this will be the make or break or your relationship, so think carefully before agreeing to go together and don’t expect it to be perfect. The main advantage is that you can share the cost of accommodation, rather than sharing with strangers, but the disadvantage is all that time together can put a strain on things.


Love Comes Cheap

muscle, screenshot, action film, sense, Calling this one of the types of travel romance may not be entirely accurate, as there’s not a great deal romantic about this. Sex tourism is increasingly popular in many parts of the world, with everything from one-off transactions to regular sex in exchange for a green card…


On the Prowl

hair, hairstyle, screenshot, They may not be paying for it, but plenty of other people also go on holiday with the intent of either finding different people to hook up with, or of finding the love of their life. Just make sure you don’t end up being just another notch on the bedpost (unless you’re ok with that), and remember love really just pops up unexpectedly. Go looking, and you’ll probably be less likely to find it than if you just have fun and see what happens.


Something in Common

screenshot, This is one of the most common and understandable types of travel romance, where two lone travelers get together. The advantage of this as well is that you may end up with someone from your own country, who maybe won’t be so ridiculously far away from you as a local of the country if you want to continue your romance.

So here you have it: 7 types of travel romance! How many of these, or how many others, have you experienced? Did you meet your love while traveling? Or maybe you’ve been left with a broken heart?

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