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7 Reasons to Go on Holiday with Your Girlfriends ...

By Ceri

Going on holiday with your girlfriends is usually something you do once you’re of legal drinking age, heading to a clubbing island or resort. But, of course, the non-stop party scene isn’t to everyone’s taste, and it wasn’t to ours, so a mad week in Ibiza never really bore thinking about. However, it’s never too late for you to holiday with your girlfriends as I found out this past summer, when, at 24, myself and 5 of my girlfriends spent 8 brilliant days in Spain. So before planning your next vacation, consider these reasons:


The first, and most important reason to consider going on holiday with your girlfriends is that it’s so much fun. It’s like one long night out, lunch or coffee date. Odds are that you haven’t spent a bulk of time with friends since your school days or university house-share days, and a holiday with friends recaptures that innocent fun and silliness enjoyed in your school days.

2 Confidence

Summer usually brings with it one word that makes us all gulp in panic – BIKINI. And many of us might think that a holiday with a group of girls will do nothing to ease that fear. I know I myself dreaded this part the most. However, once you’re poolside, chatting and giggling, you soon forget your body concerns and just enjoy, and it’s likely that you’ll take that confidence home, or at least until your tan fades!


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3 Never a Dull Moment

When spending time with a group of girls, you’ll never be bored! The dynamic of the conversations change as you have a slightly different relationship with each friend. People’s sense of humour and little idiosyncrasies keep the atmosphere fresh yet comfortable.

4 The Preparation

As well as a week of non-stop laughing and relaxing, another part of the holiday I enjoyed was the preparation. Having regular conversations to plan trips, events, nights out, fashion, accessories etc. made the holiday last longer, and brought us all together before the trip, as we always had something exiting to talk about.

5 It’s Okay to Say “no Thanks”

With a group of people, rather than a couple, you’re not obligated to do anything that you don’t want to. As long as you have an agreement in place before going that everyone is free to do their own thing ,it makes a lovely atmosphere. Do four of you want to go to the beach and two of you want to stay by the pool? No problem! Do you need your own space and want to chill on the sunbed whilst your friends go shopping? Go for it. Just remember that you are going with your friends, so as long as you make plans for that evening all together then no harm done.

6 It Teaches You to Be Tolerant

We ALL have our flaws. For example, I’m very messy. I tried to be slightly less so on holiday, and thankfully my roomie for the week knew this in advance, and was prepared! Another of my friends is quite a picky eater (aren’t you, dear?!), which could be difficult abroad. But on holiday in a group, you learn to just roll with it and it’s always good for some cheeky banter!

7 Memories

The memories I made on our girls' holiday are priceless to me, as are the photographs. I still chuckle when looking at them for the 100th time. If a song comes on the radio that reminds me of the week, I’ll turn the volume up loud and screech along. When a random memory pops into my head, I’ll text one of the girls. These memories are ones that I’ll cherish forever, and the best reason I would advise anyone to take a trip with the girls.

The tan might fade and the wine and food may add a few pounds but you’ll find that your friendships have strengthened even further and you’ll cherish them even more. I found that when I was home by myself, I missed the girls terribly. Have you ever been on holiday with girlfriends? What was your favourite part?

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