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Finding ways to see the world can be a tricky situation, especially when you're strapped for cash. Every year I try and save up as much money to go away on holiday, but then always forget that it’s not only accommodation and flights that you have to folk out for, it’s also spends when you are there. I know that the majority of us want to see all the four corners of the world, so here are a few ways to see the world without spending a fortune, which may make it possible.

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Term Abroad

If you're studying, this is one of the most perfect ways to see the world! A lot of universities have programs where you can either spend a year or a term abroad. This means that you will only have to pay for the flights and the accommodation will be about the same price as you have already been paying. Plus at this time in your life you 'll be funded by the state or parents to do this, so what better way to see the world? Ultimately, there is no better way to see the world then living in a different country, if gives you a much clearer picture than a vacation for a week.


Graduate Degree

If you're finding it hard to fund a graduation degree this is the best of both worlds. A lot of European countries have graduate degrees on the cheap or totally free. Especially, if you currently live in England because the degrees in Europe tend to be half the price, plus if you go in the EU you are able to get a part time job to fund your living.



Try and find a job that allows you to travel. Most jobs like this used to require the ability to speak multiple languages. However, a lot of people now speak English and there are translators. Normally, companies will pay for everything when you are out there in the world. This might mean that you may not get to see the entire destination, but you can get a feel for it, which means that it will definitely go on your list of places to visit.


Friends and Family

With so many budget airlines, flights can be rather inexpensive when you shop around for the best deals. This means that it you know friends and family in other countries you can stay with them, or at least ask them where is not too expensive but not too shabby either.



If you are unsure of what career you are planning on taking, why not go to a less privileged country and teach English. It will help you learn a language and get involved with a culture that you never normally would.

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Plan Your Journey

It may sound silly but being organised, looking around and looking at reviews will get you the best possibly place and save you a lot of money. If you plan your holiday months in advice or a last minute ticket, you will also save money.



If you are looking to live abroad and don’t know where you want to go, being an au-pair is great. There are now sites to make it a safe experience for you. It gives you the chance to live like other people and a few nights off a week to explore. It also means that you have a way of getting to know people rather than just being out there on your own.

Traveling can be a fun and culture enriching experience! So why not do this in the most cost efficient way possible. What are your best traveling tips?

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My friends do the nanny thing during the summer. They have been to Portugal, Spain and Italy! Wish I was brave enough to do that

American here. I was an au pair in France for 2 years. It was the best experience of my life. If you want to do it but are scared, there are plenty of families who want to hire au pairs for the summer only, so it's a good way to test it out without being locked in for a year.

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