8 Must Have Apps for an American Road Trip ...


8 Must Have Apps for an American Road Trip ...
8 Must Have Apps for an American Road Trip ...

Road trip apps are an absolute must for anyone who loves to travel and who cannot simply live an hour without their Smartphone. What I love about apps is their dichotomous nature. On the one hand you can use them to organize your life to the minutiae or you can use them to be highly spontaneous. Use road trip apps as part of your long, painstakingly planned trip or just jump in the car and let them take on a journey of wonderment. Try these 8 Must Have Apps for an American Road Trip and make it the journey of a lifetime.

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Gas Buddy

The key element for a road trip – fuel! Gas Buddy makes a journey more affordable by seeking out the cheapest fuel whatever location you happen to be in when that needle hits the red. The best thing about this essential road trip app is that it is free.



Garmin produces some of the world’s best GPS devices and have now produced one of the best road trip apps. It’s not cheap at $60 from the Apple store but Navigon has everything a road trip needs – route planning, speed assistance, 2-D or 3-D map display and even lane choice assistance. The only thing it doesn’t do is drive the car for you.


Priceline Negotiator

If you’re on a journey with minimal planning, Priceline Negotiator takes away the risk of ending up in the middle of nowhere with night falling and the prospect of sleeping in the car. This most useful of road trip apps allows you to arrange your hotel at the best prices whilst you merrily make your way from A to B an it’s free.



Pit stops are a major factor in a successful road trip. It’s sod’s law that 2 minutes after passing an interstate stop with loos, you need to pee. Or, maybe it’s munchie time but you’re fussy about the sort of establishment you like to pull into. The interstate exit guide provided by iExit is more than just a refreshment and comfort finder. It can tell you exactly what is available at the next exit and the next and beyond. Another of the great freebie Android road trip apps ($1.99 for Apple).


Licence Plate Game

Sometimes you need more than just gorgeous scenery to make a road trip go well, especially if you have kids with you. With the License Plate Game app you can relive those vintage road trips and watch the time whizz by. You can stop and start the game whenever you like as it will keep score throughout your trip. Free on Android, $0.99 for Apple.


Roadside America

What would an American road trip be without the odd detour or two (or many) to a crazy roadside attraction? Roadside America app is perfect for digging up all those weird and wonderfully quirky tourist traps on the countries highways and byways. If you want to see a man with a beard of bees, the world’s largest ball of twine or the largest garden gnome in the world this is the perfect road trip app. Prices start at $1.99 and are incremental by number of regions you want to cover.



If you want a mini but instantly accessible travel guide app, whatever your location, choose Yelp. The features of Yelp make it an essential amongst road trip apps because it can help with just about anything. Need somewhere to stay? Somewhere to eat? Oh other, have a slow puncture and need a tire repair? Or want to stay in motel that could have belonged to Norman Bates in a quirk of fate? Get Yelp to Help. Free for Apple and Android.



Using the Trapster app is not about condoning speeding. It is about not being caught out by a speed trap when you’ve had the freedom of the open road for lengthy periods of time. After all, who wants their lovely load trip spoiled by a speeding fine? Trapster is free for Android and Apple.

There are plenty of road trip apps to enhance your journey. Some are helpful, others merely fun. Do let us know if there’s a must have road trip app you recommend and why.

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