7 Reasons You Should Live in London at Least Once ...


If you love big, happening cities, you're sure to love London. Here's guest contributor Samantha Charles with her reasons for why you should make this lovely city your home.

London attracts more than 28 million tourists a year, making it second only to Paris in terms of visitor popularity. We've put together a list of reasons why London is a city you should try living in, at least once in your life!

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Famous Sites

Living in London will give you the chance to see famous sights and attractions without rushing them. Why not hire a Boris bike and take a ride around St. James's Park? Or retrace the steps of your favourite celebrities, visit Platform 9¾ or take a trip to Notting hill? You'll become so familiar with the area that when you next watch The Apprentice you'll easily recognise where they are going.



You'll be spoilt for choice with boutiques and department stores such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges on your doorstep. Your girlfriends will be dying to come up for a weekend city break, then you can always to stay in a London hotel 5 minutes from Oxford Street to put your feet up after showing off one and a half miles of shopping heaven to your buddies.



Home to over 4,500 pubs and bars, embracing diverse music scenes London is a great night out 7 days a week. With up to 700 live events hosted weekly and every UK tour passing through London, you'll be sure to catch your favourite band. Alternatively, there’s always a good Stand up Comedy club nearby (that’s usually free!) to stop off at after a long day in the office.


Things to do

There are so many events and attractions to visit in London with most the museums and galleries in London are free, including the Tate, Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. The beauty of living in London means you can go during off-peak times, meaning you'll save money and it'll be less busy. You'll also never miss out on events like the annual pillow fight in Trafalgar Square!



Nobody has a car in London, and why would you with a 24 hour transports system? Thanks to the most iconic underground network in the world, wherever you are in London you'll only be 20 to 40 minutes from your next destination. The transport in London is so great that it’s actually possible to have breakfast in Paris, a spot of lunch in London and dinner in Dublin – all in the same day.


Employment Opportunities

Buzzing with opportunities, there are plenty of internships and jobs to develop your skills to help you establish your career in your chosen industry. London is an expensive place and it can be costly to live there, but Londoners earn much more. On average Londoners take home £529.80 a week compared to the £410.60 a week national average (source: Office of National Statistics).



Discover a diverse and exciting array of international cuisine on the cobbled streets of Camden Lock Market. Taste delicious dishes from East African Gujarati vegetarian cookery to the vibrant dishes of South India near the canal. Alternatively, take a short two minute trip from Oxford Street to enjoy a meal in a restaurant in the heart of Soho.

Still not convinced? (We can't imagine why, what’s not to love about Harry Potter movie scenes, pillow fights and Indian food?) Go try it for yourself even if it’s just a year.

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