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As a Girl Scout leader, my mom has been pushing reasons to stay at one of the many Girl Scout lodges around the world. Some troops fundraise the money to stay in one of the four lodges in either Mexico, England, Switzerland, or India. But what’s great about Girl Scout lodges around the world is that you don’t need to be a Girl Scout to stay there. Check out some reasons why you should stay there the next time you’re nearby.

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Hotels can get expensive as you travel and the numbers start to add up. Girl Scout lodges around the world are not only affordable but reasonably priced. Staying in London at Pax Lodge, I was surprised with the rates we found. If you are a Girl Scouts the rates are lower than for a non-Girl Scout, but that doesn’t mean that the non-Girl Scout price is unreasonable. You can actually stay there for cheaper than the majority of hotels!


Conveniently Located

When it comes to businesses, it’s all about “location, location, location.” One thing I like about these lodges is their location. Pax Lodge is located in Northern London not far from the Underground station. Our Chalet is situated in the breath-taking Swiss Alps. Our Cabaña can be found in historic Cuernavaca, Mexico. And our Sangam is located Pune, India, only a few hours from Bombay.


Good Quality

The Girl Scouts work towards maintaining high quality lodges world-wide. I’ve traveled before and gotten to hotels that were less than adequate in my opinion. When it comes to Girl Scout lodges, you don’t need to worry about the quality. A staff of paid workers and volunteers come together to keep the lodge running and in good order.



If you’re looking to travel but don’t have too much money, consider volunteering to work at one of the Girl Scout lodges around the world. You work for a small salary along with room and board. You can work for months at a time, allowing you to use your free time to explore the country. It’s something that I’ve kept in mind for the future and maybe you will too! Plus, it’s a great résumé builder.


Meet Interesting People

Girl Scout lodges are a great place to meet people from all around the world. I just read an article about a volunteer form Grenada who spent time at Pax Lodge. You can find people from all over the globe at Girl Scout lodges. I really enjoyed sitting in Pax Lodge and talking to others about their culture, as I shared a part of mine. It opens your eyes to other cultures and ways of life which I think is pretty neat.


Like a Local

The guides know all of the great local eateries and places to go. You can live like a native, rather than a tourist who just stumbled into a new and shiny city. The guides are very approachable and willing to help you find what you are looking for.


Discounted Tickets

Depending on which location you select, you may be able to get discounted tickets. It could be for local tourist attractions or even cultural attractions such as the theater. Buying discounted tickets helps save money for a fulfilling but not over-the-top expensive trip. Ask the help desk to see what offers they have available! It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Traveling to one of the many Girl Scout Lodges around the world can be a great way to travel both financially and culturally. It exposes you to a new country, new people and a new way of life. Have you ever traveled to one of the Girl Scout Lodges? What did you think?

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Girl guide pride

I just visited Pax Lodge and Our Chalet this past summer. I had a great time with my troop and had the experience of a lifetime!

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