7 Reasons Why Staycations Rock and Why You Should Try It ...


Have you ever wondered why people do staycations or why staycations rock? Do you flip through a travel magazine or the travel section of your local Sunday newspaper and note the clothes, locations, or food? I did, too. If you are like me then you’ve wondered why push advertisement for vacation deals to an in-state reading audience. I wondered what the big deal was…until I tried it! Below are seven reasons why staycations rock and why you should try it!

1. Save Money

Vacations are a wonderful way to escape from the daily routine. If you dream of checking out from an intense week of work or studying but dread the wallet-busting travel expenses that come with vacations then a staycation is the answer! Staycations can help you avoid plane tickets and admissions fees and cut down on hotel and food expenses. Saving money while enjoying new locations is one of the main reasons why staycations rock!

New Places Are like Little Treasures
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