7 Reasons to Book a Ski Holiday ...


7 Reasons to Book a Ski Holiday ...
7 Reasons to Book a Ski Holiday ...

The snow, the sport, the fun, the scenery, and the après ski are all good reasons to book a ski holiday but there are some healthy benefits of skiing too. If you haven’t yet hit the slopes, and are unsure if winter sports are your thing, maybe these reasons to book a ski holiday will convince you.

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Skiing Helps You to Lose Weight

If this isn’t one of the great reasons to book a ski holiday then I don’t know what is! Depending on how hard you are going on the slopes you can burn between 350-650 calories an hour. If you are out having fun cruising on the slopes all day you will be eating up some serious calories, much more than you would lazing by a pool or sitting in front of the TV at home.


Skiing Helps to Tone Your Stomach

When I think of going on holiday, it is all about vegging out and treating myself. On holiday I always go all out, drinking cocktails, eating ice creams, and I never can resist a three course meal. I get back and feel the extra holiday weight - all that time I spent trying to get the beach-bod before holiday was a waste of time. However, skiing is actually a holiday which helps tone core muscles, particularly your thighs, hips, stomach, and your bottom. In the evening on a ski holiday you can treat yourself to a three course meal and a couple glasses of wine, because you’d have earned it on the slopes. For me, this comes in at the top of the reasons for booking a ski holiday. Get fit and have fun!


Skiing Can Boost Your Mood

Chemicals in the brain are released when you exercise which results in feelings of happiness – you know them as endorphins. You will also find that after a day out on the slopes you are less sluggish but more energized and alert- – ready for what the evening has in store.


Skiing Locations Are Stunning

One of the reasons to book a ski holiday is simply to enjoy being at one with nature, and to de-stress surrounded by rocky mountains, rolling slopes, and a perfect blue sky. Enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy cabin tucked away in the snowy hills; you will really be able to feel yourself unwinding as you cuddle up by the fire.


Skiing Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Exercising can help to keep the bugs away, and avoid that post holiday cold. The research tells that doing moderate exercise can make the immune cells travel through your body quicker and kill the viruses and bacteria much faster as a result. Book a ski holiday between November to March and avoid getting ill during the peak cold and flu season. A ski holiday will be sure to make you not only look good but feel great from the exercise too.


Great Social Activity

Another of the reasons to go skiing is that it is a very social sport. Book a ski trip with your friends and family and do some bonding on the slopes and then socialize well into the evening. Many resorts offer more than just skiing too, so there will be something to suit everyone’s taste. These include team sports such as ice hockey, sledging, shopping, beauty spas, and swimming pools. There are usually places where you can stop at bars on your last ski of the day while still dressed all your gear, which makes for a great way to re-energize with friends. And then, there are après-ski huts which offer live music, dancing, and drinking, perfect for a little bit of partying after a day on the slopes.


Enjoy All Year round

You may be surprised to know that you are not limited to going skiing only in winter. As well as there being ski resorts in countries where winter is at the opposite time of the year to home, some winter resorts are now staying open into the summer – basically eking out the snow for as long as possible – or in places where the snow fields never melt. You can bag an out of season bargain, or choose to go when it is less busy.

These are all great reasons to go skiing but you really won’t know if it is something you going to love until you try it. Check out the tips in this article if you are going to book your first ski holiday: 9 Top Tips for How to Prepare for Your First Ski Vacation. Do you love skiing? What’s your favorite aspect? The ski or après ski?

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