8 Places to Go Treasure Hunting ...


Do you imagine that the places to go treasure hunting are where you will meet either Captain Jack Sparrow (we wish!) or a geek with a metal detector? Think again. Treasure hunting can be a real adventure but of course, it all depends on your definition of what makes treasure. There are some amazing things buried in the earth so let’s take a look at some of the best places to go treasure hunting and see what turns up.

1. Kola Peninsula, Russia

There is possibly nowhere else in the world boasting more beautiful or exotic places to go treasure hunting. In the Kola Peninsula you can explore caves and crevices for some of the most beautiful and unique gems – amethysts. All along the sparkling Tersky Coast, you can search for the beautiful and coveted purple cragged rock. Perched high above the Arctic Circle, the region is famous for its rich mineral, metal and gem deposits. To enjoy the ultimate treasure hunt, book a tour alongside fellow mineralogists.

The English Countryside
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