7 Must-Know Travel Tips for Those with IBS ...


There are some absolute must-know travel tips for those with IBS that can make all the difference in either enjoying the traveling process or dealing with a complete digestive nightmare. Your digestive system is incredibly smart and it is called your second brain for a reason. It is directly connected to your brain through the nervous system and it knows when you change your routine and head out of town. As a result, it can cause extreme digestive upset quickly, especially for those with IBS. This can make traveling more of a literal pain than the enjoyable experience it should be, so be sure to keep these travel tips for those with IBS handy and enjoy heading off to somewhere fabulous!

1. Probiotics

The absolute most important of all travel tips for those with IBS is to keep a high-quality probiotic on hand. My favorite for traveling purposes is Phillipโ€™s brand Colon Health and Renew Life Womenโ€™s Probiotic. Both contain high-potency strains that help improve regularity, fight gas and bloating, and reduce symptoms of a nervous stomach.

Digestive Enzymes
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