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So many websites claim they provide the cheapest flights, but without these tips to find low cost air fares you really are shooting in the dark. Everyone wants to know they are getting the best deal they can find, but you can easily waste hours and hours looking for fares, only to find that you end up saving $2 more than the first one you spotted. Don’t waste time and effort – use these tips to find low cost air fares.

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Nobody Can Guess the Ticket Prices--so Just Keep Checking

One of the best tips to find low cost air fares is to keep checking the airlines and travel agents to see when a good price pops up. There are many Internet “gurus” that claim they can predict the time and date a fare is going to drop, but they cannot. Yes, there are often patterns to how airfare prices bounce up and down, but there are unknown variables that are unknown even to the airlines, so do not sign up with people that claim they can predict airfare prices. Persistently checking airfares is better than relying on people that claim they can predict them.


Sign up for Frequent-flyer Offers and Airline Offer Emails

Passively looking for cheaper air fares answering the question “how to find cheap air fares.” means signing up for airline-offer emails and frequent-flyer offers. You are not looking for flights when these emails arrive. They arrive so that you may decide to act on them in the moment. In addition, with frequent-flyer benefits, you may find yourself in a position to get a cheap airfare when you were not even looking that hard.


Use Airfare-alerting Systems

There are some companies that have these, and it may be worth your while signing up. Make it for a specific destination because you will probably get a lot of them and they will clog up your email account.


Make Yourself More Flexible and You Give Yourself More Options

If you can leave at whatever time on whatever day, then there are very few flight offers you cannot take up.


You May Be Better off Combining Flights

Instead of buying one ticket to go to one destination, it may be cheaper to fly to one area and then to another in order to get to your destination. It may even be cheaper to get a train to a different airport so that you may take advantage of the lower cost flights from there.


Consider an Airport That is near Your Destination

It may be cheaper to use an airline to take you to outside of your destination and it may then be cheaper to take a train or bus from that location in order to get where you are going. Most countries have quite a few airports, and flying to some may be more expensive than flying to others. So, you can aim for an airport that is within traveling distance of your actual destination and take a train or bus from the airport. It may even be cheaper to hire a car from that location--especially if you are planning on hiring a car anyway.


Try Airlines Sites as Well as Travel Agent Sites

One of the great and yet more obvious tips to find low cost airfares is to check the websites of the airlines as well as those of offer websites and travel agent websites.


Consider the Extra Fees before You Choose Your Offer

Some companies will charge you additional money for checking in bags and for other extras, whereas some airlines allow things such as the first two bags to be checked in for free. If you consider all the extra charges involved with your flight then you'll see which is really going to be the cheapest for your trip.


Do They Refund the Difference if the Fare Drops?

Between now and the time your flight leaves, the cost of your flight may drop. If that is the case then you could have saved more by booking later. Find out if the airline offers a refund for the amount the fare drops (if it drops). This may save you from shopping around as much and helps maintain the value of booking well in advance.

There really are some serious bargain air fares out there if you know how to find them. Do you always spend ages looking for the cheapest flights?

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there's a really good website that tells you the lowest priced flight available on the Internet (you can specify the to-and-from) but I forgot what it's called. but my sister managed to get an $800 flight to Sydney in February

*prices are typically lowest then.

Great tips! It's also good to clear the cookies (search history) on your computer before rechecking prices! They raise the price if you look more than twice bc they know your likely to buy! Airlines also bid on prices on prices usually on Tuesday afternoons. prices

whoops don't know why I said Sydney I mean heathrow and the flight was from Perth, au

Make sure you check kayak! It's a great website that always has cheap flights. Make sure you shop around too.

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