7 Most Common Things We Forget to Pack ...

Even if you make a careful list and are highly organized in your travel prep, there are some common things we forget to pack. They might not be considered absolutely essential (you probably wouldn’t forget them if they were), but they are very useful and can also make a difference to the quality of your trip, saving you time and money too. Check out this list and see how many of these common things we forget to pack you may have regretted not having in your suitcase.

1. An Extra Memory Card

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Whilst most people probably wouldn’t add an extra memory card to a list of common things we forget to pack, it is certainly one of the most inconvenient items to overlook. There is absolutely nothing worse than organizing a once in a lifetime tour, or a visit to a breathtaking attraction, and having no space left on your camera. This also usually leads to either: searching through your camera for photos you can delete; or running around attempting to buy a new memory card, which in most popular tourist locations will cost you an arm and a leg!

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