7 Magnificently Scenic and Thrilling Cable Car Rides ...


Cable Car Rides – a chance to see the sights and engage in a thrilling experience all in one trip. Some of the best views that Mother Nature working with hand in hand with geography are only accessible from on high. Other panoramic scenes may be familiar in general, but seeing them on a cable car ride gives them a new and exciting perspective. Over river valleys, traversing mountain gaps and from cliff to cliff or simply scaling a steep incline on a city street, cable cars might be as functional as they are pleasurable. With funiculars around the world offering stunning views at staggering heights, here are 7 Best Scenic and Thrilling Cable Car Rides.

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Take this cable car ride to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain and you will not be disappointed. Presented with views of Rio’s packed city 396 meters below, it is the sight of the statue of Christ the Redeemer that makes this cable ride one of the most magnificent. Sunset is the best time to visit when the sky becomes dark and the city lights spring to life illuminating the Christ in all his glory.

The Peak Tram, Hong Kong, China
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