8 Jazzy Things to do in New Orleans ...


Things to do in New Orleans are not hard to find. New Orleans is like nowhere else in the world. It has exuberant live music, delicious food and unique attractions. Any visit to New Orleans will be a wonderful experience but a life-time isn’t long enough to see it all and to experience all it has to offer. New Orleans is one of America’s most interesting cities; its history has African, Caribbean and European influences, all of which have led to a fascinating diversity of music, culture and food. Things to do in New Orleans centre on the French Quarter and a lot of what makes New Orleans unique can be found in this melting pot. The quarter is stuffed full of magic and surprises. The French Quarter is the heart and soul of the city and it’s where everybody heads to find things to do in New Orleans and to have a good time. At the heart of the French Quarter is Andrew Jackson’s statue; Jackson was not only president of the United States but also a national hero for his role in the Battle of New Orleans. In the streets around Jackson’s statue you can find street artists, fortune tellers and a whole range of market stalls selling everything from incense to jambalaya. As soon as you can head down to the French Quarter, chat to the locals, check out the bars and find out about 8 Jazzy Things to do in New Orleans:

1. Live Music

Most people who visit New Orleans want to hear some live tunes at some point during their stay. The music scene is on Frenchmen Street and attracts solo performers and jazz bands from all over the world. There is an enthusiastic and easy going vibe with the locals keen to welcome travellers and to have a good time, late into the night.

City Park
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