8 Travel Games to Keep the Kids Occupied ...


8 Travel Games to Keep the Kids Occupied ...
8 Travel Games to Keep the Kids Occupied ...

Travel games can be a godsend. A journey can seem a very long time with bored restless kids aboard. To prevent the journey from hell, travel games keep the kids occupied. By playing games it will make the journey go faster and if you’ve got kids who are prone to motion sickness, travel games can distract them and takes their minds off it. The games you can play may be restricted depending on the type of travel and the passengers, but the simplest travel games such as I Spy can be played anywhere. Here I suggest 8 travel games to keep the kids occupied during a journey:

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Singing in Echoes

Best to use on short car journeys as the game is very noisy. In this game you create a song together. Each player takes it in turns to make up a line of a song, the other players then repeat it as a chorus. The next player sings the line you created and adds a line of their own on. The game continues until one player’s memory fails.


Buzz Words

With this travel game parents will get a bit of peace and quiet but only for a short while. Whilst listening to a radio station, each child chooses a word. When the word is mentioned on the radio the player then shouts out buzz and they win the round.



Geography Games

Use travel games to test and improve your kids’ knowledge. Quiz them on the journey and test their geographical knowledge on cities and countries. Ask your kids to name the capitals of countries and if they get it right they score one point.


Design a Map

Get your kids to trace a picture of a map of your journey and try to direct you to your destination, then compare fold them up and "use" them on the road.



One of the kids all time favourite classics can be made into a travel game. Kids run around until the caller shouts freeze. The kids then stay still, the person that stays the still the longest wins the game. The other way of playing statues is kids all sneak up on the caller to steal something of theirs. The caller does not call freeze in this game. The caller tries to catch the thief out by turning quickly to see who is still moving. Any kids that are caught moving have to go back to the beginning and start all over again. The winner is the person that doesn't get caught and takes the chosen item.


Stepping Game

The stepping game is a very simple quick travel game. Players have all different competitions to see who can do the biggest step or silliest step etc. The person ia adjudged to have done the challenge the best and stretches the furthest wins.


What Can You See?

When walking around make sure the kids are looking at the scenery and admiring the view. Ask your kids to close their eyes and say what they just saw. This travel game will also prove educational for kids.



Get your kids to look at the clouds and see what they can see in the clouds. Challenge your kids to find a cloud that looks like certain things such as a person or a pet.

Of course, you aren’t limited to these travel games and some parents have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the journey safe in the knowledge that the kids are happily occupied with their DS game or watching a movie on a portable DVD player. Travel games however, are simple ways of passing the journey and enjoying family time together.

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