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I have always dreamed of seeing Africa’s β€œBig 5” but as a passionate animal lover, I want to know how to choose an ethical safari. I know how to travel responsibly when heading to the beach or the countryside, but not a big game safari. Heading off on safari is many people's dream holiday. But seeing animals in the wild comes with a price, and that's not only in $$. Human interference can cause significant distress to wildlife and affect their environment, and some safari companies offer little benefit to their local communities. So how can you go on safari and see wonderful wildlife, while still behaving in an ethical manner? After some research, here are my tips for how to choose an ethical safari.

1. Look for a Small Company

While you shouldn't rule out larger companies, choosing a small company can ensure that your safari is conducted in an ethical fashion. Such small operations are often run by people who have a strong knowledge of the wildlife and country they cover. Whoever you choose, the key is to do your research, and ask plenty of questions. For example, what do they do for the local community? Do they employ local people? What do they do to protect the environment and its wildlife? Have they visited the lodges and campsites?

Low-impact Camps
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