7 Brilliant Ways to Score More ZZZ's πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ for Those Who Are in the Air ✈️ ...


A long flight is a great chance to catch up on some sleep – especially if it’s a really long flight. Who wouldn’t want to arrive at their destination bright eyed and bushy tailed? Not everyone finds it easy to sleep 30,000 feet in the air, but there are some things you can do to aid slipping into the land of nod, and to make the sleep time worth it.

1. Avoid Booze- and Drug-induced Sleep

The question is not "how to sleep on a plane," but how to sleep well on a plane. Without perhaps being aware of it, you do nod off now and again, but without proper REM cycle sleep, our brains cannot refuel properly, leaving us feeling shattered when we awake. Some people take tranquilizers prior to take-off, others sip several strong drinks. Nightcaps, however, won't help you sleep better. Rather, the reverse. There are dozens of studies confirming that alcohol consumption helps to dehydrate us, creating an even worse feeling of exhaustion and jetlag. Perhaps the worst side effect of booze is that it disrupts our natural sleep pattern; we need to pee more, so get up more often during the night. Instead of reaching for the old G&T, do relaxing things, like taking your shoes off and wiggling your toes or taking three deep breaths. Try meditation or a few yoga exercises before boarding.

Pack a Sleep Kit
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