10 Fabulous but Little Known American Islands ...


Some of the best adventures and experiences are to be had in some of the most unlikely places. Many people assume that you will not have the best of vacations, should you not go to high end American island resorts that are just tourist traps on the beach. How about something a bit more off the beaten track, something a little unfamiliar, exotic and affordable? Here is a list of 10 Fabulous but Little Known American Islands.

1. Block Island – Rhode Island

Right up there with the Nantuckets and the Martha’s Vineyards of the world, Block Island is an American Island that never quite cracked the nod to the top 10 list, and has remained a remote and virtually untouched paradise just waiting for visitors who are after some serious quality downtime. Being the most remote island between Boston and New York City, it is a little further to go, but worth every minute. Lighthouses and sailboats dominate this picturesque skyline as time appears to stand completely still.

Kodiak Island, Alaska
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