7 Essentials for Camping Gurus ...

These are the camping essentials that all of you potential campers out there will be needing as the weather gets warmer and warmer. My brother, Jeff, is a hardcore camper and often camps even in the winter, so for all of you cold weather campers, some of these are especially for you! Pick up these camping essentials now and they will last you for years and years!

1. Fold to Go Collapsible Portable Toilet

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If you find it difficult to perform every day bodily functions while squatting in the woods, this is one of the best camping essentials for you! You can take your own personal, portable potty with you when you go camping for when you need to…"go." When not in use, it folds up nice and small so it won’t take up much room at all! It's $39.99 at Cabela's.

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