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Camping is a quintessential summer activity, and if you go camping this summer, you will want to be sure to follow these safety tips for camping so you can have a fun and safe time. When I was little, I would go camping all the time in the summer, and I loved sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. Because I was little, I did not have to think about safety tips for camping. I left that to my parents, who did eventually pass down some safety tips to me, which I would like to share so you can have a safe and enjoyable camping trip this summer.

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Protect Yourself from Insects

One of the essential safety tips for camping is to bring insect repellent. Insects carry diseases like West Nile virus and Lyme disease, both of which are very serious. To keep insects away from you and prevent these diseases, use insect repellent that has at least 20 percent DEET. Also, if you are hiking be sure to wear long pants and check for ticks at the end of the day.


Bring Water

Make sure you bring plenty of bottled water when you go camping. Staying hydrated will help you avoid becoming overheated, and having enough water will keep you from being tempted to drink water from streams, which is a sure fire way to get Giardia. Speaking of Giardia, if you are camping in high elevations where there is snow, don’t use the snow to keep your food cold. This could contaminate your food with Giardia.


Store Food Properly

Not only do you want to make sure that perishable food is kept cold, you also want to make sure you properly store food to keep animals from becoming attracted to it. You should always keep food out of your tent, and use an animal proof storage container, which you can purchase at sporting goods stores.


Flashlights and Glow Sticks

When you are packing for a camping trip, you want to make sure you pack enough flashlights and batteries. Using a flashlight at night is important because it will keep you from tripping on a stick or rock and hurting yourself, which I have done plenty of times. If you are bringing kids, pack some glow sticks too. They make excellent nightlights.


Fire Safety

Campfires are an essential part of any camping trip, but you need to use proper fire safety. If there is no fire pit to use and you are building your own fire, make it a sandy area and ring it with rocks. Once you do get your fire going, be sure not to get too excited and make it too big. Also, never leave your campsite without putting your fire out.



You need to bring a first-aid kit with you when you are camping. It is remarkably easy to fall and scrape yourself when you are in the woods. I should know! Make sure you have Band-Aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, rubbing alcohol, ice packs, and ace-bandages. Tweezers are also a nice addition because you can remove splinters and ticks with them.


Pack for All Weather

While you don’t want to bring a suitcase on your camping trip, you do want to make sure that you pack for all weather so you don’t become too cold or too hot. A poncho is great for rain, and a warm sweatshirt is always welcome if the weather turns cold. Depending on how high you are, the temperatures can get very cold, so be prepared. My dad always brought a down coat in his truck, and I always used it.

Camping is one of my favorite summer activities, and it is something many people enjoy in the summer. Following these camping safety tips will help make sure you can enjoy your camping trip and stay safe. What camping safety tips do you have?

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