7 Must Haves πŸ› for Your Next Beach πŸ– Trip πŸ—Ί ...


Really want to make the best of your trip to the shore? Here are some essentials for a beach trip to make it even better.

1. The Beach Glass Outdoor Drinkware

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Drinking wine from red solo cups is a thing of the past. The Beach Glass has taken over total beach domination and is putting other cups to shame. This awesome glass sticks directly in the sand, which means no more spills, or having to move your cup every time someone needs a drink out of the cooler. Don’t like wine? No worries, you can put beer, soda, water, or your favorite mixed drink right on in there. The Beach Glass is made of tough, machine-washable acrylic, and is dishwasher safe, which means you can use it time and time again! What more does it do you ask? Well, The Beach Glass doesn’t just stick in the sand, it can also float alongside you in the pool. So if you are tired of drinking sand, and just want to enjoy a nice drink somewhere tropical, this is the product for you! This is definitely one of the top essentials for a beach trip.

For $10.50 check them out here at thebeachglass.com

Olita Beach Be Gone Sand Remover
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