8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget to Pack but Shouldn't. ...


Essential Travel Items can be such a chore when packing because you want to concentrate on the fun aspects of getting ready for your trip, like squashing in that extra pair of flip flops. Unless you are ultra-organised it is easy to leave essential travel items behind and naturally, sodโ€™s law means you will end up needing the very same. This means either making do or having to source the item locally. What is going to surprise you though โ€“ where you might think essential travel items as being your hair straighteners, moisturiser and adaptor plug โ€“ industry experts think differently. You will more than likely own the 8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget To Pack But Shouldnโ€™t in my list below but probably would never have thought they would be useful for travelling dilemmas.

1. Power Strip

If you have several items need charging or plugging into an electric socket then the multi socket power strip is ideal. A multi strip power socket is a life saver, it saves time and arguments. If there is only one power socket in the room and you want to use your straighteners and someone else wants to watch the TV and to charge their phone up then someone is going to have to lose out and only one item can be used at any time. The bigger the multi socket power strip the more electrical items can be used at the same time. Donโ€™t let arguments over an electrical item ruin your holiday, pack a multi socket power strip and use as much electric as you need. If you are travelling abroad you will need an adapter and converter to connect your appliances to a socket, these can also be bought at a reasonable price and will save a lot of hassle.

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