8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying ...


Packing rules for flying have only been so important since 9/11 and the spate of real and pseudo terrorist incidents that followed it. When once we only used to have to worry about sharp objects and the spare gas canister for our curling tongs nowadays we have to give more thought to the packing regulations. There are certain packing rules for flying that you really must follow because it’s the law, and then there are those you should follow because they make sense and help get your vacation off to a stress free start. I’ve put together a list that is a mix of packing regulations and general advice that I think is most relevant. Here are 8 Essential Packing Rules for Flying:

1. Accessories - Advisable

You should always pack a small travel alarm clock (your hotel may not offer a wake-up service), hair dryer with suitable adapter (if going overseas), a brush, camera and of course a toothbrush. You’ll find that purchasing cameras in foreign countries is usually expensive, and disposable cameras generally aren’t as good as a digital camera.

Baby Care Items - Rule
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