7 Budget Backpacking Tips for First Time Backpackers ...


If you’re thinking that you can’t afford a vacation this year, maybe these budget backpacking tips will change your mind. If you use your smarts and plan well (which I know might go against the grain for wanting to relax an’ all), you can enjoy a fabulous trip, even with meager funds. If you can afford a flight to one of the great backpacking destinations, you’ll find that one thing that makes them so great is the really affordable hostel accommodation. In the USA, knowledge of hostels and number of hostels comparative to country size is somewhat lacking but really – get to grips with this and you’ll see just how affordable traveling can be. Whether going alone or with a group of your besties, these budget backpacking tips will mean you can have a vacation this year!

1. Bare Necessities

If you’ve ever carried your life around in a backpack, then you know that slimming your life down to the bare necessities will save you back pains, as well as a lot of sweat and tears. Not only does slimming down alleviate the weight of hauling around a cartload like a mule horse, but you’ll also be able to simply carry-on should you choose to fly budget airlines, the essential go-to transport of international budget backpacking. This will save you a bundle on checked luggage fees.

Budget Airlines
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