7 Best Shopping Destinations in the World ...


Best shopping destinations call to us with their glittering shop windows full of treats. The best shopping destinations are those that need a whole vacation built around the hours we'll spend indulging in retail therapy. The best shopping destinations also tend to be amazing places in general so it's not just the malls, markets, soukhs and bazaars that call to us, but a wealth of tourist attractions full of history, art, architecture and culture. Here are my 7 Best Shopping Destinations in the World offering something to suit every budget and taste.

1. New York

If you’re like me, you hear ‘New York’ and you think ‘shopping’. It has got to be number one; it’s the ultimate shopping destination! You can literally find everything here, surrounded by iconic architecture and world-renowned brands and stores. For the best in department stores you’ll want to visit Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Saks. Just as legendary are the stores you’ll find on Madison Avenue, including Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren and Jimmy Choo. The city is also bursting at the seams with vintage stores and boutiques, so make like a New Yorker and see what delights you can uncover.

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