7 Ways to Avoid Looking like a Tourist ...


Sometimes when you travel you want to be armed with some ways to avoid looking like a tourist.

The reasons are inconsequential: you might be a “serious” traveler who wants to be disassociated with the crowd (some get a bit snobby like that);

you might want to blend in to better immerse yourself in a culture;

it might be a question of safety;

or, you might to just simply appear less naive when bargaining for a great deal at the soukh.

Whatever your reasons, here are some ways to avoid looking like a tourist.

1. When Sightseeing

One of the obvious ways to avoid looking like a tourist is to lose the map.

If you feel you need one, step into a shop or less public place to consult it, or look locations up on a smart phone.

You can also plan your outing ahead of time while in the hotel room.

Don’t have a camera hanging around your neck, carry it discreetly in a bag or purse.

If you brought a guidebook, wrap it in plain brown paper or past the cover of a novel to it (preferably in the host country’s language).

Better yet, just tear out the section you’re visiting on that particular day.

2. When Eating at a Restaurant

It’s difficult trying to blend in while eating in restaurants, but there are some things that give you away immediately.

Eat the local food as much as possible, and avoid eating condiments that might mark you as a tourist, such as ketchup.

Order your food like the locals - in some places;

salads are eaten last, for example, if at all.

Order off the local menu rather than the English-language one if possible.

Don’t ask to be seated in the non-smoking section - in some places smoking isn’t allowed in public places, while in others, smoking is allowed everywhere.2

Use local table manners - in some countries, eating with your hands is fairly normal, and other countries use different utensils, like chopsticks.

Don’t rest your arms on the table.

Avoid Clothing That Sets You Apart
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