Want to Study 🤓Abroad 🗺 but Don't Know Where? 🤔 Check This out!


There’s no doubt that choosing a classic city like Rome, London or Paris would be an amazing study abroad experience but what if you’ve already been to those great cities?

What if you fancy somewhere less classic?

Somewhere different where the experience would be very unlike cities back home?

Here are some very intriguing out-of-the-box options:2

1. Cape Town, South Africa

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The Mother City of the Rainbow Nation.

Doesn’t even the moniker get the brain cells tingling?

Cape Town is a prime location for studying abroad with a very rich history and somewhat unusual blend of African and European cultural blend.

The landscape is simply stunning with the city overlooked by the iconic Table Mountain and its oceanic setting.

There’s the untenable link with Nelson Mandela and most people speak English.

Potential options: ISA Cape Town University of Cape Town

2. Accra, Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, waterway, water feature, amusement park, plaza,

If you want Africa but on a more raw level than Cape Town, Ghana is a terrific option.

It is a developing country where the official language is English, although you’ll hear a lot of unfamiliar slang.

The people are extremely welcoming and are eager to share their customs, traditions and stories.

Accra is a coastal city and there is plenty of history to take in.3

There’s beaches, shopping, great nightlife and definitely great eating.

Potential options: USAC Undergrad in Ghana

3. Dublin, Ireland

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There is such a happening vibe in the Irish capital that makes it a fabulous draw for students and, Trinity College is one of the top universities in Europe.

Dublin is very easy on the eye and other great looking cities are within easy traveling distance so anyone studying here will want to see as much of Ireland as possible.

Needless to say, Dublin nightlife is a huge attraction but this is also a city of arts and English majors will truly find a home here in a city packed with literary legacy.

Potential options: Trinity College

Hamburg, Germany
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