7 Top Tips for Seeking out Local Treasures on Your Travels ...


There are two types of souvenirs you can load up with on your vacation – imported, mass produced tourist fare or you can find local treasures.

There’s nothing wrong with the former.

They serve the purpose – they are a souvenir and provide you a memory or are a gift for someone.

Local treasures however, are more than a mere souvenir.

They capture the essence of a place and provide a more meaningful association with the destinations you travel to.

But, with hoards of sellers pressing their wares on you, how do you find local treasures?

1. Ask Your Host

Your host ranges from friends and family you may be staying with, the people running your bed and breakfast and the people who work in your hotel.

Cultivate relationships with these people – they should know the area very well and can recommend where to go.2

Try and do a good job of explaining that you want to find local treasures.

Being vague could just end up with you being pointed in the direction of general tourist stuff.

2. Research

If souvenirs of your trip are important to you, the most obvious way that you will find local souvenirs that will provide meaning is to find out beforehand what you should be looking for.2

Reading about your destination will give you an idea of its strengths and what is most known for.

You might discover there’s a tradition of silk rug weaving or wood carving.

You can then use the Internet to look up galleries, craft stores and markets where you might find examples.

3. Ask the Locals

If you find it easy to approach strangers and strike up a conversation, ask locals who look like they would know where to find β€œstuff”.

If you spot a girl with a gorgeous handbag that clearly looks handmade, ask her where she got it.

Ask street artists.

Talk to people in the local market.

Follow Your Instinct
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