7 Top Airplane Travel Essentials ...


As a former California girl whoโ€™s now living in our nationโ€™s capital, Iโ€™m definitely no stranger to cross-country flights and the key airplane travel essentials that can help ensure a smooth trip.

Getting ready to brave the sometimes not-so-friendly skies yourself?

From basics like water and snacks to beauty helpers like your favorite moisturizer, here are seven airplane travel essentials you wonโ€™t want to be caught without.

1. Water and Snacks

Yes, itโ€™s expensive to purchase a bottle of water at the airport once youโ€™ve already passed through the security line, but even so, this is by far one of my most important airplane travel essentials.

Along with keeping you hydrated both prior to and during your flight, carrying on a water bottle means you wonโ€™t be left at the mercy of tiny plastic cups that hardly hold more than a gulp or two.

Snacks are another key item you wonโ€™t want to forget, since you never know how long an unexpected delay could leave you stuck on the tarmac or whether the oftentimes overpriced meal and snack options sold onboard will be to your liking.3

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