8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe when Traveling ...


Knowing how to keep travel money safe is one of the important factors of a good vacation.

Even if you have a service that replaces lost cash, checks and credit cards within 24 hours, losing them or having them stolen can cast pallor over any trip.

Sometimes it isnโ€™t even a case of your money being stolen โ€“ a foreign ATM may eat your cash card so knowing how to keep travel money safe should factor in any eventuality.

Check out these 8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe When Traveling2

1. Cash and Carry

One of the simplest ways to keep travel money safe and to avoid an emergency is to keep your cash, checks and cards separate.

Donโ€™t keep them all in the same wallet.

If youโ€™re traveling with you partner, split it between you.3

The hotel main safe is usually a better option than room safes for excess cash/checks but that isnโ€™t always an option.

If youโ€™re going to leave stuff in the room security box โ€“ make sure it is secure.

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