7 Things to Know about a Working Holiday in Australia ...


There are things to know about a working holiday in Australia that you need to include in your plans.

If you’re a UK student or traveler, it’s very common that heading down under is high on your wish list, but it’s also a popular idea with European travelers;

not so much with Americans.

There’s no reason why Americans can’t see it as an attractive proposition and the amazing opportunity we Brits do, especially when you learn that these things to know about a working holiday in Australia are universal to all visitors.

1. Duration is Flexible

One of the most important things to know about a working holiday in Australia is that the duration of your stay is rather flexible.

Not only will you be able to stay for a full year on your working holiday visa, but if you end up loving your Australian experience (and I don’t doubt that you will), then you’ll be permitted to stay on longer if you work regionally.

How cool is that?

2. Get a Tax File Number

When you enter Australia as a visitor (or if you’re a resident), a Tax File Number (TFN) is a must.

Technically, a TFN is not required, but it is suggested.

If you don’t have one, the taxes you pay may be higher than necessary, and the taxback option is made much more difficult.

However, you can only apply for a TFN once you’re in Australia.

When you apply, you must provide a sending address, which can be difficult if you just arrived, as your place of residence is probably temporary.

If you have it sent to the hotel or hostel you’re staying in, make sure to let the front desk know.2

3. Australian Bank Accounts

Planning on staying in Australia for the full year?

It’s smart to open an Australian bank account then, as you’ll be paid straight-up, avoiding transfer fees, ATM fees, and exchange rate discrepancies.2

All you have to do to open an account is to head into your favorite bank branch, fill out the appropriate forms and offer proof of identity.

If you’re still at your temp hostel/hotel, ask the bank to post your bank card to the branch for safe keeping.

Get a Job; Proceed with Caution
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