7 Must-haves for Easy Travel ...


Why are there some must-haves for easy travel?

Travel is a fantastic experience but, like everything in life, it is better if it is planned and organized.

This doesn’t mean having an itinerary that it planned to the hour though.

It means taking care of what might seem inconsequential and peripheral details, details that actually have the potential to derail your trip or at the least, not make it go as smoothly as it could.

Here’s my must-haves for easy travel.

1. An Itinerary

A basic itinerary is one of the must-haves for easy travel.

Perhaps your new year’s resolution was to be spontaneous, but this doesn’t mean you should be ill-prepared for your journey.

Having a basic plan – knowing how to get places and where you’ll rest your weary head for the night – doesn’t have to ruin your resolve for spontaneity.

Draw a rough sketch of your itinerary, but don’t set it in stone.

Make that reservation, book that ticket, investigate the sightseeing options available to you;

work out the vague outline, and let the finer details write themselves in.

This will ease your anxiety, while allowing the adventure to unfold of its own accord.

2. Luggage

“Duh!” you’re most certainly muttering to yourself.2

Of course some sort of containing device in which to carry all your things is a must-have for easy travel.

But the trick is choosing luggage that’ll be a help and not a hindrance.

If you’re checking luggage, bring a piece that has 360 degree spinner wheels.

These are much easier to maneuver through the twists and turns of an airport.

If you’re carrying on (which I highly recommend for easier and more efficient travel), then condense into one bag.2

You won’t feel weighed down by your possessions, which always makes travel easier and more enjoyable.

An average backpack can hold quite a lot, and almost always fits the carry-on dimension requirements.

Still don’t think you could possibly fit your wardrobe into those dimensions?2

Unless your trip’s itinerary lies between the extremes of the Sahara and Antarctica, you really don’t need to bring twenty different shirts and half a dozen pairs of shoes.

Limit yourself, and I promise you won’t regret it.

You’ll be having too much fun traveling to yearn for that pair of boots you left behind.

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