7 Items Not Allowed in Hand Luggage and Carry-Ons ...


You may think you are a savvy traveler, but how clued up are you on items not allowed in hand luggage? Iโ€™m sure most of us know the obvious and keep up to date with the situation regarding liquids weโ€™re allowed to carry, but staying abreast of other restrictions is not so easy because there are some surprising items not allowed in hand luggage โ€“ like fishing rods for example!

1. No Lighting up

Obviously flights are non-smoking these days, and therefore cigarette lighters are among the items not allowed in hand luggage. Please note, however, for those die hard addicts, you can carry one lighter on your person. (so itโ€™s ok if you accidentally set your pants on fire but not the overhead luggage store!). If youโ€™re a nervous flyer and need a cigarette as soon as you get to the other end you might be in need of this!

Chemicals and Arms
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