How Social Media📱 and Modern Thinking🤔 Affects Millennials Travel🛫🎡🗺 ...


Have you noticed how Millennials seem to attract more media and psychological analysis than any other generation?2

Maybe it’s because it is this generation that is more visible and accessible thanks to the digital age?

Everything Millennials do is transparent because it’s all out there.


Because I write travel articles, I am curious about how Millennials travel.

Do they travel like other generations?

Let’s find out – then you tell me if they have it right.

1. They’re Bringing Back the Long Forgotten Travel Agent

When you have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat to think about, you don’t want plan your trip using the same old websites that every other person online has used.

For this reason, bespoke arranged trips are becoming more popular again, with modern travel agents being asked to create unusual and unique itineraries for young tourists to follow and experience something now to add to their social media platforms.

2. Group Trips Are Now a More Popular Form of Travel

With the fun factor of your social media updates to think about, the Millennial trend seems to be that people are going away together in bigger and bigger groups.2

Of course, this cuts down on individual costs and makes the holiday cheaper, but it also makes for a more fun set of Instagram pictures where there are more people to post with!

3. Millennials Are Much More Likely to Engage in Sharing

While couples and groups in older generations might have been more inclined to vacation in a more traditional way like a hotel or a private rental, Millennials like to make the most of their visiting city’s hospitality by finding places to stay through sites like AirBnB.

It can be much cheaper, and again makes for more of an adventure when you can make friends with your temporary landlord!2

They Seek More Luxury than Ever before
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