15 Gorgeous πŸ˜ƒ Destinations ✈️ for a Valentine's Weekend πŸ“† Getaway 🏝 ...


Valentine's Day weekend is one of the most romantic weekends in the year, and it deserves to be celebrated with a trip of some sort!

If you haven't already booked your vacation, I'll help you narrow down your options to the best Valentine's weekend getaways!

No matter where you live, the most gorgeous, romantic destinations are just a plane ride away!

West Coast U.S.:

I'm a little bit biased toward the West Coast because it's my home!

However, it undeniably has some of the best Valentine's weekend getaway destinations!

1. Petit Hotel Hafa, Mexico

Petit Hotel Hafa, Mexico

Obviously, Mexico isn't part of the U.S., but for some American's it's a shorter trip than to other states!

The Petit Hotel Hafa is practically made for love, in a gorgeous area with stunning architecture.

2. Rolling Huts, WA

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Maybe you prefer a snowy Valentine's Day so you have more reasons to cuddle with your special someone!

If that's the case, these charming cabins are where you should spend your weekend!

3. Post Ranch Inn, CA

Post Ranch Inn, CA

With a view like that, how can you not enjoy yourself?

The location of Post Ranch Inn is unparralleled and creates romantic vibes for all of its guests!

4. Figueroa Hotel, CA

Figueroa Hotel, CA

I wouldn't usually think of romance when I think of L.A..

That's why I was so surprised to find the Figueroa Hotel so intimate and inviting!2

5. Volcano Rainforest Retreat, Hawaii

Volcano Rainforest Retreat, Hawaii

A vacation in paradise?

Sign me up!

You and your significant other can feel like you're in your own world completely at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

East Coast U.S.:

The East Coast is home to older, in some cases far more beautiful sites for a mini vacation.2

These locations definitely top the charts of most dreamy East Coast getaways!

6. The Sagamore, NY

The Sagamore, NY

You just don't find resorts like the Sagamore every day!

Surrounded by lush, green trees while enclosing a mini paradise, what more could you look for in a vacation spot!

The White Elephant Hotel, MA
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