7 Attractions to Visit in Central Park ...


As if being one of the most gorgeous green urban spaces isn’t enough, there are plenty of interesting Central Park attractions to visit.

Whether you take a pedicab, ride a bike, take a horse carriage or go on foot, just getting to the attractions of Central Park is a treat.

Meander along winding paths, admire the greenery and take stock of the fact that you’re in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world.

All the Central Park attractions are worthy of your attention but here’s a few of the choice ones.

1. Central Park Zoo

Of all the Central Park attractions, the zoo is probably the best known.

The idea of having a zoo was not part of the original plans for the park but it became a reality, and although smaller than the main NYC zoo in The Bronx, the Central Park Zoo is now an institution.

It’s small, friendly and a wonderful visit for adults and kids alike.

Especially good are the Sea Lion pool, the Aviary and the Penguin House.

Kids can have an outstanding experience at the Tisch Kids Zoo.

2. Strawberry Fields

Of all the statuary and monuments in Central Park, my favorite is this one.

Installed as a commemorative garden for John Lennon and named after the iconic Beatles song, Strawberry Fields Forever, the monument is directly opposite the Dakota Apartments where John Lennon lived, and the location of his murder back in 1980.

Set in the lovely, tranquil quiet zone, the actual monument is a mosaic with the word 'imagine' picked out in the middle.

Overlooked by majestic elm trees, there are benches to pause to ‘imagine,’ along with a plaque listing more than 120 countries endorsing Strawberry Fields as a Garden of Peace.2

3. Bow Bridge

If you’re a movie fan and love film trivia, one of the must see places to visit in Central Park is Bow Bridge.

Immortalized in movies and TV programs, the cast iron bridge with a wooden walkway almost feels like an old friend.

Standing since Victorian times, the bridge has seen many an event, including the filming of ‘The Way We Were’ and ‘Manhattan,’ and it offers fabulous views down 5th Avenue to Central Park West.2

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