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By Neecey

I think even those who claim to have no interest in horoscopes will always read information about their star sign and its characteristics and for me, the most important aspects are zodiac signs and their meanings for travelers. I’m interested in how my star sign affects how I travel and what influences my choices of destinations and what I do there. I don’t take much notice of them I guess, because I’m following a bucket list as long as my arm, but it’s still a bit of fun. Please remember, I’m no expert and have gathered the information for zodiac signs and their meanings for travelers from various sources. I hope you can relate to what I’ve learned about your star sign.

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Since this is its time of the year, first on my list of zodiac signs and their meanings for travelers is the Virgo. Highly meticulous and well organized, Virgos don't go for a trip just for the sake of it. They almost always need a purpose. If you go on a trip with a Virgo, you can be sure you will have a well-planned schedule, complete with charts and maps, and that there will be a useful outcome at the end of the journey.



Fairness and social relations are highly important for a Libra, so going on a trip with one can be a true blessing. Libras are happiest when they see the others around having fun and love to please their loved ones. What's more, at times, Libras love to get silly and are full of surprises, so you'll never complain of boredom when on vacation with them.



Scorpios constantly try to evolve and, thus, are drawn to new places and people. When traveling, they'll often go off the beaten track and push themselves to do more and experience new things. If you're wondering about the meaning of zodiac signs for travelers, know that a trip with a Scorpio will not only be an amazing adventure, but a spiritual journey as well.



Somewhat similar to Scorpios, people born under this sign are not about relaxing when on vacation, but about exploring. They are on a constant quest for knowledge and looking for insightful experiences, so a trip with them will be very intensive.



When it comes to zodiac signs and their meaning for travelers, Capricorns are like the CEOs of the astrological world. Powerful and ambitious, they will set high goals for their travels and work hard to achieve them. They will always prefer one amazing trip to ten mediocre ones.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


Those born under this sign are compassionate and always looking to do something good. Many of their travels will entail volunteering for the causes they believe in, be it joining the Peace Corps or taking care of orphan animals in an African reserve. Logistics and planning are not their forte, so they often rely on a friend to figure out the specifics of the trip.



Like you might have guessed, Pisces love vacations by the ocean – or at least near a pool. They love calm and relaxation, but they also need to be able to explore and roam free. Therefore, keep a loose itinerary when going on a trip with a Pisces. Warning: you may need to put your foot down to ensure they make it to the airport on time.



Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" is the perfect description for the Aries. If they could, people born under this sign would travel around the world… forever! Outgoing, adventurous and always up for a challenge, Aries can have the time of their life even when traveling solo and don't have any problems picking up companions along the way.



Next on my list of astrological signs and their meaning for traveling is Taurus. Practical and efficient, the Taurus is a cautious planner and won't usually accept to go on a last-minute trip. People born under this sign like to be in control and actually love the planning and packing necessary before a trip. Due to this, they may mix very well with an Aquarius when traveling.



Geminis are chatty, social and always open to new experiences. They like quick, adventure-filled trips and prefer to travel light to have as much freedom as possible. Beware: long, leisure trips like vacations on the beach are not their style, so think twice before planning such a voyage.



People born under Cancer are domestic and family-oriented, so when they do venture out on a trip, they prefer to go with their spouse and kids or a few close friends. Visits to close relatives or a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods are the ideal destinations for them.



A sign of royalty, the Leo is powerful, exuberant and likes to go all out on a trip. Leos love luxurious vacations and exclusive or exotic places – not exactly budget travelers. However, they are also genuinely generous persons, who would share everything with their companions to ensure they have a hell of a time together!

I recognized some of myself here and also some of my previous traveling companions. What’s your star sign and was the interpretation of how you see travel pertinent to you?

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Im an aries, and that description was just like me!

I m a cancer .....n I m totally opposite

Not necessarily

My mom is a Virgo and it's just like her, along with my brother being a Sagittarius. My twin and I are Gemini and we don't act very social.

Love it!