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If you saw my previous post on the travel characteristics for each star sign, you’re probably also interested in the best destinations for zodiac signs. If you make decisions according to your horoscope or are merely curious about where your star sign “recommends” you take a vacation, the following will enlighten you. Here are the best destinations for zodiac signs.

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Virgo Let's start our list of best destinations for zodiac signs with the well-organized Virgo, since this is its time of the year. Virgos always have a thoroughly planned list of things they want to see and learn when visiting a new place, and they don't have any problems walking a lot. Thus, the perfect vacation destination for them is Rome. Being such a rich city that provides plenty of opportunities to explore and learn, it will surely offer any Virgo an unforgettable experience.



Libra Libras are social and peaceful people, but like going a bit crazy once in a while. What better destination is there for them than sunny Spain, with its friendly people, beautiful, relaxing beaches and tons of opportunities to party?



Scorpio Scorpios don't really like small talk and they would never feel comfortable being in heavy social situations night after night. For them, vacations are about romance, exploring, and bettering themselves. They like their privacy, and they would rather read or check out interesting places than go partying every night. Therefore, Venice is definitely one of the best destinations for Scorpios.



Sagittarius Sagittarians loves travelling, exploring and spending time in the great outdoors. People under this sign fall into the houses of both education and travelling, so they love to discover new places and cultures. Thus, one of the best destinations for zodiac signs like Sagittarius is definitely Egypt, with its rich history, interesting culture and mystical vibe.



Capricorn Capricorns are hard workers and often are the leaders in their entourage. They like power and are passionate about history, so they would love to stay in old, majestic hotels – not necessarily for the glory, but to breathe in all that history behind them. If you're born under this sign, I'm positive you will absolutely love Prague.



Aquarius People born under this sign are the curious type. They are interested in politics, humanitarian activities and countries that have been through big changes during their history. One of the best destinations for Aquarius is Berlin, offering plenty of galleries and museums to explore and an exciting political history. .



Pisces Pisces are dreamers. They love to reflect, relax, and soak in nature. They are looking for peacefulness, so a religious or yoga retreat or a cruise can be perfect for them. One of the best travel destinations for Pisces, though, is surely Japan, offering them plenty of opportunities for spiritual growth and to get in touch with their inner self.



Aries Those under this sign are born travelers and are very active. They love to test themselves and explore new things, and, being a fire sign, they usually prefer hot weather. Putting all these puzzle pieces together, it is clear that a perfect vacation destination for them is stunning Dubai.



Taurus People under Taurus seek pampering when on vacation. They like fine wine, wonderful dinners and great service, and maybe a little shopping too. A great destination for them would be Sonoma County, California, where they can relax and taste exquisite wines.



Gemini People born under Gemini are social and active travelers and love crowded, multi-cultural cities where they can meet interesting people. Considering this, London, with its busy nightlife and tons of secrets to explore, may be one of the best destinations for zodiac signs like Gemini.



Cancer Cancers are family people and love being surrounded by water, be it a river or a sea. The perfect vacation for them would be a trip to Greece with the spouse and kids, preferably staying in a small, homely hotel.



Leo Leos seek glamour, luxury and culturally rich cities. They love music, so they often plan their vacations around concerts and festivals. Paris is surely the vacation destination that can offer them all that!

Interestingly fascinating isn’t it? Do you recognize yourself in these star sign destinations? Is it right or would you never wish to visit the place suggested for your sign?

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Scorpions can travel anywhere these others signs go but especially love being around WATER!

I hate wine- so that would be a no-go!


California, really?

True. I am a Leo and I love going to places with music or concerts.

Love my sign Scorpio❤️

To my Cancers, Santorini is gorgeous. I'd suggest any one go.


Also, visiting Paris is on top of my bucketlist

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