7 Ways to Make a Spa Vacation Affordable ...


7 Ways to Make a Spa Vacation Affordable ...
7 Ways to Make a Spa Vacation Affordable ...

It’s a fabulous way to really relax and de-stress, but is there actually a genuinely affordable spa vacation to be had? It’s no good planning a vacation to unwind if the price of it is going to give you palpitations. A few treatments on a resort vacation are very nice, but not quite the same as a whole week or two when the only thing you have to do is be totally pampered and be concerned for your well being. If you want some very special me time, to have your body pummeled and worked, to luxuriate in pure relaxation and just waft away on waves of sheer bliss, these tips to find an affordable spa vacation will point you in the right direction.

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Be Flexible when It Comes to Location

An extremely easy way to secure yourself an affordable spa vacation is to be flexible when it comes to which spa you visit. It only makes sense that extremely popular, conveniently located establishments charge more for their treatments, so why not try a spa in a quieter, less central location? By doing a little shopping around you can easily ensure that you don’t sacrifice on the quality or quantity of the treatments available, although you may need to be prepared to travel slightly further to get to your chosen spa.


Look for Last Minute Deals

Last minute deals are something that the majority of people are familiar with when booking hotels, flights and holiday packages, although most spa goers have never considered asking their local spas if they offer them. If you are pretty flexible regarding when you can get time off, it may consequently be highly beneficial to check if your identified establishments offer last minute specials. If so, you may be in for a multitude of great affordable spa vacations in the near future!


Take Advantage of “Spa Week”

Quite often numerous different spas in a particular area will get together and designate a usually quiet period of time each year to specials and deals. A great example of this is “Spa Week” in North America, which involves over 7500 different establishments and offers treatments for as little as $50 during one week in October. Finding something similar in other countries can consequently make for an extremely budget-friendly spa vacation.


Look into Spa Packages

Spa packages are a great way to turn an otherwise expensive wellness getaway into an affordable spa vacation, as establishments generally design their packages to give you more bang for your buck (or treatments for your buck as the case may be). This means that you get a myriad of fantastic treatments for a lower price per treatment than if you bought each separately, providing you with the ultimate opportunity to pamper yourself.


Book during “off-season”

Like hotels, spas have their “peak” and “off” seasons, and generally correlate their prices with demand. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly spa vacation, it consequently makes sense to book in the low season, as it’s generally less expensive. Savvy holidaymakers may even like to try finding themselves a last minute deal during the off-season to increase their savings!


Check for Discounts

Many people tend to utilise the Internet to search for and book their spa holidays, although this generally requires going through an intermediary organisation of some description. If you’re really looking for an affordable spa vacation, however, the best way to book is directly with the establishment. This gives you the opportunity to ask about available concessions such as locals’ discounts, new promotions or packages. You may even like to add yourself to your favourite or chosen spa’s email list, so that you remain up to date regarding current and upcoming specials.


Consider Daytrips Instead of Longer Stays

Most people consider a trip to a spa a prolonged long affair, complete with overnight stays and fancy meals. A great way to turn an expensive week at a fancy spa establishment into a budget-friendly spa vacation, however, if you really can’t afford a full spa stay, is to stay somewhere else and visit your spa of choice for the day. This means that you get all of the perks of going to the spa, minus the hefty overnight stays and expensive meals, which has the potential to save you hundreds or thousands depending upon the establishment in question.

Would you love an affordable spa vacation or are you content with visits to your local salon when you can afford to treat yourself? Where would be your dream spa destination?

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