How Travel Boosts Your Resume ...

By Sonya

How Travel Boosts Your Resume ...

Though taking a vacation might seem like the opposite of work, there are certain aspects about traveling the world that could be interpreted in such a way that they make your professional resume seem even more impressive to prospective employers. Are you interested in going on holiday and coming back with an even better resume than you had before you left? Check out how travel can boost your resume.

Table of contents:

  1. teach
  2. pick up the lingo
  3. take a class
  4. network
  5. volunteer
  6. work experience
  7. make a plan

1 Teach

Qualifying to teach English as a foreign language is fairly straightforward, and you could incorporate some teaching in to your world travels to put a really impressive marker on your resume. It shows that you were proactive whilst still vacationing and you learned a vital skill.

2 Pick up the Lingo

Try to learn the language of whichever country you happen to be traveling to or through. In today’s ever-expanding multicultural society, it is a real plus to be able to write on your resume that you have skills in foreign languages, no matter how basic they might be.

3 Take a Class

If you are staying in a particular country for a while, it might be a good idea to check out what kind of classes you could join during your stay. This could be anything from a college class to a cooking class. It all adds up to foreign experience and learning that can contribute to your resume.

4 Network

Before you embark on your travel adventures, have a look on all of the professional networking sites you are signed up to to see if your vacation destination is the location of any interesting businesses or companies that might be able to strengthen your resume. Even just a visit or tour could be a good thing to mention in the future.

5 Volunteer

It has long been a tradition for young people who are traveling the world to want to volunteer and make a difference in the regions that they pass through on their journey. Whether it is helping out a local food bank or doing sometime super impressive like helping build houses, it is all still valuable information to include on your resume as a testament to your upstanding character.

6 Work Experience

Similar to volunteering, if you are going to be staying in one place for an extended period of time, you can always go a quick Google search to find any work experience opportunities that might spark your interest. Showing a potential employer that you did some work whilst taking a vacation will elevate your work ethic above other applicants.

7 Make a Plan

Don’t just drive to the airport and make a rash decision on where to travel. Plan your adventure around certain places that you think might reflect well on your resume when the time comes to go for your dream job. There are so many different options and so many different careers, having experience of certain countries and locations will sometimes stand you in better stead than those who have never traveled.

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