7 Tribes of the Rainforest ...

If you’ve read some of my other recent articles, you’ll know I’ve become just a little bit obsessed with the rainforest lately, and I’ve now moved on to tribes of the rainforest. Because rainforest is found in a number of places, there is more diversity among the people who call the forests home than you might imagine. The tribes of the rainforest are decreasing in number because their habitat is being destroyed. Where they are able to maintain their home, they live life pretty much the same way they have done for centuries. Let’s examine and learn a bit more about some tribes of the rainforest, together, shall we?

1. The Huli

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There are around 136,000 Huli and they are the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea. They have lived in the South Sea island nation’s highland areas for around 1000 years and are most recognizable by their bright colored displays. They are one of tribes who have members that speak English, as well as Tok Pisin and the Huli language. They are one of the relatively newer tribes of the rainforest, and were only discovered by Europeans in the year 1935.

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