8 Tips for Planning a Holiday Wardrobe ...


8 Tips for Planning a Holiday Wardrobe ...
8 Tips for Planning a Holiday Wardrobe ...

How to plan a holiday wardrobe, in my opinion, is key life knowledge. When you go on holiday, you can’t necessarily have access to your entire wardrobe so it’s important to make the most of what you bring with you. Take a look at a few tips for how to plan your holiday wardrobe, below.

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Do Your Research

Before you set off on your holiday, it pays to do your research. Check the weather forecasts and plan for the season. Will you need jumpers and rain gear or will sundresses and singlets be enough? When you’ve got this vital information sorted, you can start planning your travel wardrobe accordingly.


Plan Your Occasions

What kind of things will you be doing on your holiday? Will you be going out for fancy dinners or chilling poolside? Knowing these things can all play a part when it comes to how to plan a holiday wardrobe.


Build upon Basics

Starting with the basics, or a capsule wardrobe, is a great place to begin. Think of things like jeans, white t-shirts, blazers, and ballet flats. Everyone has a different definition of ‘the basics’ so just think of these as your go-to clothes make up the basis of most of your outfits. Once you’ve got these sorted you can work in trend-based accessories.


Choose a Colour Palette

When it comes to how to plan a holiday wardrobe, colour is an important aspect to consider. Choose a few key colours to make up the basis of your travel wardrobe. By sticking to limited colours, you’ll make mixing and matching things much easier.


Choose Shoes Wisely

Shoes take up a lot of space. It’s important then that you stick to the bare minimum pairs necessary. You also want your shoes to be versatile, and suitable for a range of outfit options and occasions. Stick to black, neutral, or metallic shades. A pair of heeled pumps, ballet flats, sandals, and casual sneakers should have you covered.


Utilise Your Accessories

The accessories that you bring with you can make all the difference when putting together “new” holiday outfits. Create stylish looks with trend-based pieces or keep it simple with your every day jewellery.


Mix and Match

You want to be able to get the most out of your travel wardrobe. To do this, try incorporating as many separates as possible. That way you get more outfit combinations than you would from a simple dress. Previous tips like starting with basics and sticking to a few key colours also helps.


Go for Wearability

There’s no point putting together what you think will be a good holiday wardrobe if you won’t actually wear it. Most of the time, you won’t actually end up wearing those ‘what if’ items. Be cut throat when packing for your travels. Think of the things that you consistently wear and actually enjoy wearing.

No matter where you’re going, these are a few tips that you should consider when look at how to plan your holiday wardrobe. It’ll make dressing a breeze and leave you more time to enjoy your travels! What are your tried and tested tips for how to plan a holiday wardrobe?

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I liked this article, and from my experience I think the last one's the most important. All those what if items are the worst! They only make your suitcase heavier, not to mention it can cost you extra!

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