7 Things to Check about Your Arrival Airport before You Travel ...


You found a great bargain of a flight at a really great price, but if you didn’t pay attention to the things to check about your arrival airport before you clicked the pay now button, you might be in for a few surprises. Not all airports are equal and some are definitely more equal than others. Please make sure that you put things to check about your arrival airport on your to do list when booking flights/vacations.

1. Location

This might sound odd, but airport naming conventions might actually mislead you as to where they are actually located. For example, London has five airports and other than City Airport which only offers European and internal flights is within 15 miles of Central London. With the traffic etc, this means that the airports are more than an hour outside the city. Other airports can be a hell of a long distance from your intended destination so where it actually located is definitely one of the things to check about your arrival airport.

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