The Ultimate List of Beach Gadgets to Survive Summer by the Water ...


The Ultimate List of Beach Gadgets to Survive Summer by the Water ...
The Ultimate List of Beach Gadgets to Survive Summer by the Water ...

We've got the ultimate list of beach gadgets for you to survive summer by the water! According to Travel + Leisure, this list is the high and low tech gear that will change the way you spend your vacation. The right gadgets can upgrade and simplify any weekend by the shore. As experienced outdoor enthusiasts, these accessories will without a doubt feel like must-pack items--see for yourself. Here is the ultimate list of beach gadgets for the best summer yet!

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Kobo Aura H20

text, product, technology, electronics accessory, multimedia, Skip the paperback this summer and bring all of your favorite beach reads with you in one seamless device. The Kobo Aura H20 is glare-free and can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

To buy:, $178


UE Roll 2

orange, pattern, ball, design, sports equipment, Of all the wireless speakers on the market, this is the only one we really can’t leave home without. Despite its small, lightweight design (less than a pound), it plays your favorite tunes at up to 85 decibels. You can play the Beach Boys for nine hours without charging, and it comes with a mini float so you can take it with you from the beach to the water.

To buy:, $100


Audio Bone 1.0 Headphones

font, hairstyle, organ, moustache, body jewelry, Advanced bone conduction technology means you can listen to music using your bones without jamming something in your ear. These headphones are completely waterproof, and the functionality means the water won’t interfere with sound quality.

To buy:, $139


Canon PowerShot D30

digital camera, camera, cameras & optics, product, Don’t bring a camera to the beach unless it’s a waterproof and shockproof version like the compact Canon PowerShot D30. In addition to being lightweight and easy to pack, this camera is optimized for shooting in direct sunlight.

To buy:, $225


YETI Hopper Cooler

handbag, bag, leather, beige, Have we mentioned how obsessed people are with this cooler? The YETI Hopper Two portable cooler has a waterproof shell that’s virtually indestructible and a HazMat suit–inspired zipper that’s fully leak-proof.

To buy:, $300


LifeProof Frē Waterproof Cases

smartphone, product, mobile phone, technology, gadget, LifeProof’s scratchproof, waterproof, and almost-all-other-accident-proof cases are available for basically every iPhone and iPad, as well as Samsung Galaxy phones, the new Google Pixel, Droids, and the LG G5. Even if your phone is already waterproof, this case will keep out sand and dust.

To buy:, from $89


CGear Sand-Free Mat

fashion accessory, textile, coin purse, Made from a one-way sift material originally designed for military use, this mat is perfect for beach picnics. It dries almost instantly and has D-Rings so you can fix it to the ground. The days of sandy, windswept lunches at the beach are over.

To buy:, from $47


Fitbit Flex 2

product, fashion accessory, hand, jewellery, rings, We love Fitbit’s most fashionable fitness tracker yet, which is also completely waterproof. Swimmers can even track their strokes in the app.

To buy:, $100


Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses

eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, vision care, goggles, Admit it: the waves have washed away at least one pair of sunglasses in the past. Instead of sinking to the bottom, these sport shades by Sapelos will float back to the surface, thanks to an ultra-light TPX frame. Other beach-worthy benefits? The lenses have anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings, and they offer 100 percent UV protection.

To buy:, $50


Quirky Shake Tote

handbag, bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, fashion accessory, Swap out your old beach bag for this coated-canvas tote, with a bottom flap that flips out to release sand sifted through an interior mesh netting.

To buy:, $90


Pacific Breeze Pop-up Beach Tent

tent, blue, product, play, playhouse, Shade-seekers will love this easy pop-up tent, which is lightweight and designed to offer UPF 50+ sun protection. You and two to three guests will also love this beach tent during unexpected summer storms.

To buy:, $150


Mophie Powerstation plus XL

product, lighting, electronics, rectangle, Keep all of your devices, including your waterproof phone and e-reader, fully charged with the Mophie Powerstation Plus XL. Designed to work with both Apple and micro-USB devices, this portable back-up battery offers up to two days worth of charge, depending on the device. Twin USB ports let you charge two devices at the same time.

To buy:, $100


Watershot SPLASH Housing Kit

product, hand, cameras & optics, Turn your iPhone into a serious underwater camera and video recorder with this housing kit. Special lenses, like a flat port and a wide angle, help ensure you get the best photographs from your underwater adventures.

To buy:, from $130

No trip to the water will ever be the same! What's your favorite beach gadget? Let us know in the comments!

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