The 8 Steps of Dealing with Lost Luggage ...


Lost luggage can ruin any trip or vacation. First you have to find the right place in the airport to report it then you have to face the next day with the thought of putting on the same clothes you’re currently wearing. If you’re traveling on business, lost luggage may mean that you’re without valuable materials or samples in an important meeting. Take a look at the 8 steps of dealing with lost luggage and never have your tip ruined again!

1. Prepare for the Worst

The best way to deal with anything unpleasant is to mitigate the risk of it actually happening. There’s no guarantee but the first step in avoiding the pain of lost luggage is to pack as is if you expect it to happen. Buy the biggest piece of hand luggage you can that fits the measurement restrictions and pack it carefully. Assume that should your main bag go missing you will probably be without it for 48 hours so stuff everything in your carry-on that you think you will need for that period. Don’t forget to check the restrictions for what can be packed in carry-ons.

One of the most recent developments are the various luggage track and trace services. Check out, and

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