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Keeping the sun off your head is an important part of staying safe in the sun, and it’s made easier with a whole selection of travel sun hats. Any hat will offer you protection against the sun's damaging rays, but those advertised as sun hats should declare a UPF rating. You can throw travel sun hats in your luggage without having to worry about squashing them and ruining them, or them being so misshapen to wear. Check out these babies.

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Ribbon Hat

Ribbon Hat How Audrey Hepburn is this? TommyBahama.com offers a stunning range of travel sun hats and this is the jewel in the crown. It comes in black and white, is made from crushable polyester, has an adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit and offers a whopping UPF+ sun protection.


Safari Hat

Safari Hat When a hat looks this good, why just keep if for safaris in the African bush? It’s just as good for the beach. This lightweight beauty is from Callanan.com. It comes in white or traditional straw colors and with a selection of bands. It’s 100% breathable, resists packing really well and again, offers UPF of 50+.


Ombré Sun Hat

Ombré Sun Hat This is another stunner from TommyBahama.com.
Doesn’t this shout sophisticated beach belle? The wide brim just screams 1950s film star without being outdated. A blend of polyester and paper, the Ombré sun hat is packable and crushable. It features a signature pineapple pin, a 6 inch brim and an adjustable inner drawstring.



Explorer This looks like quite a solid construction, doesn’t it? This clever design makes it one of the more stylish travel sun hats that’s great for daywear away from the beach. The rugged fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable – and crush proof, naturally. There’s a special cooling mesh on the crown and this UPF50+ hat comes in three colors from WalkaboutHats.com.


Scala Sunhat

Scala Sunhat If you want something cheap, colorful yet still stylish, you can’t go wrong with the Scala sunhat, which is available from Amazon.com. Would you believe this comes in a whopping range of 36 colors; neons and pastels aplenty! Made from 100% cotton and totally breathable, it has a drawstring to adjust the fit and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Rest assured it offers UPF50+.

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Metallic Visor

Metallic Visor I’m back at that TommyBahama.com site again (really – they have a terrific range of travel sun hats). If you really don’t like hats but need to shade your eyes – for sight-seeing or reading on the beach/by the pool – a visor is your go-to item. This delicious darling is made from soft metallic fibers that shimmer in the sun. Available in silver or gold, it’s adjustable, crushable and packable.


Scarf Hat

Scarf Hat If you want to make a statement when you’re on the beach, by the pool, haggling for bargains in the bazaar or trawling the sights, this is THE one. The Scala Big Brim Chiffon Scarf Sun Hat is available at Walkabout.com. It comes in a range of four beautiful colors and you can swap the chiffon scarf with any of your own to make coordinating outfits. It’s made from crushable, high quality ribbon fabric, fits most sizes and gives you UPF50+.

Travel sun hats can be found at retailers from budget to high end. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your style or price range. The important thing is to own one! Do you always have a sun hat in your travel wardrobe?

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